Mind, Body and Spirit

This mind is your temple, this body the disciple

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Best wishes and have a magical life

Balan :)

Areas of interests from a Nutritional standpoint

I also conduct Organic workshops on growing your own food

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To find out more, please feel free to whatsapp me at +6596869495

Living is all about being the best version of you, in Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Mind is everything, what we believe we become.

Best wishes and have a magical life

Balan :)



Hi there,

My name is Balan and I am an intuitive personal fittness trainer that buddies up with you, to do most of the prescribed exercises together :)

Why ? because I believe motivation through action translates into depth and definition.

Here's what I can assist and help you with 

1) Fat loss and muscle toning

2) Body balance and flexibility

3) Strength conditioning and stretching

4) Safety aspects of training

5) Building your mental fortitude and mindfulness

6) Breath work and cardio

7) Cross Training and range of motion